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Duck Hunting and Goose Shooting


The following website links will provide you with virtually all the information you need to enjoy the sport of duck and goose shooting on the foreshore.


The rest is down to experience!




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British Association for Shooting and Conservation

Blackwater Wildfowling Association

Chichester Harbour Wildfowlers Association

Dorset Wildfowlers' Association

Dyfi & District Wildfowling Association
Fenland Wildfowlers Association

Gloucestershire Wildfowlers Association
Hartlepool & District Wildfowlers Association

Keadby Wildfowling and Conservation Society

Kent Wildfowlers Association

Langstone and District Wildfowlers and Conservation Assoc.

Leigh-on-Sea Wildfowlers
Mawddach and District Wildfowlers and Conservation Association

Newcastle Wildfowlers

North West Wildfowling Clubs Association

Norwich & District Wildfowlers Association

Pembrokeshire Wildfowlers Association

Spalding Wildfowlers

Taw and Torridge Wildfowling Club

West Riding Wildfowlers




Wildfowling Shop

Gundog Training Equipment Shop

Gundog Magazine

Gundogs Galore

British Shooting Information

Shooting and Fishing Bookshop

Wildlife and Sporting Art

Gundog Training Broadsheets

List of BASC Goose Guides

Wildfowling Web

Countryside Alliance

Game Conservancy Trust

Wildfowling on the Solway (Guided)

Wildfowling in Fife and Kinross (Guided)

Goose Shooting at Loch Leven

Wildfowling Around the World







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