Wildfowling web for duck and goose shooting in Britain and hunting in America

Wildfowl Web is a private website which has been placed on the internet by a keen wildfowler to act as an information resource for all duck and goose shooting enthusiasts in both Britain and America.

Wildfowling Magazine
A selection of articles about duck and goose hunting, together with some nice pieces about nature and wildlife conservation
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Wildfowling Books
Whether you live in America or Britain, you will find the world's largest selection of books about goose and duck shooting at the Country Sports Bookshop
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Fowler in the Wild
The full text online of one of the contemporary wildfowling classics
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Shooting and Fishing Information
Lots of useful information and links
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Train your Duck Hunting Retriever
Possibly the world's most successful gundog training course. Written by a practical wildfowler and superb for all retrievers as well as spaniels and bird dogs
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Duck and Goose Hunting Discussion Forums
The internet discussion board for all wildfowlers and waterfowl enthusiasts
Ducks Unlimited
If there is one organization that has done more than any other to protect the sport of duck and goose hunting in America, this is it. If you are not already a member, please join now.
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British Association for Shooting & Conservation
In the United Kingdom, no-one who fails to carry a BASC membership card in his pocket deserves to carry a shotgun on the estuaries and coastal marshes.
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East of Scotland Wildfowlers Association
This BASC affiliated wildfowling club is based in the east of Scotland New members welcome. Covers Montrose Basin, Tay Estuary, Eden Estuary and Forth Estuary
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British Wildfowling Seasons and Regulations
What should you know before you set out?
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British Wildfowling Quarry Species
What can be shot and what must not be shot?
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