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Contributors Wanted

Could you write for Wildfowling Magazine Online?

We need experienced wildfowlers to contribute material for publication in this magazine. Because the magazine is free and has no income, we cannot pay a fee for contributions. You will need to do it for love of the sport.

Generally articles should be around 600 words long and should be submitted as plain text files (filename.txt). If you use word processing software such as Microsoft Word, you can either use the "save as plain text" option or you can copy your text from the word processor and paste it into Notepad. Photographs or other graphic images should be saved as JPEGs (filename.jpg) at 72 dpi resolution.

Send your contributions by e-mail to:

Contributions of the following topics will be specially welcome:

Clothing and Equipment
Guns and Cartridges
Wildfowl Conservation
Tips and Wrinkles
Descriptions of Wildfowling areas
Reports from Wildfowling Clubs

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