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New Camouflage Patterns good for wildfowling
Eric Begbie updates his ideas

When I first wrote "Modern Wildfowling" back in 1980, I complained that most wildfowlers had to make do with waxed cotton waterproofs that were too heavy and far too dark for aiding concealment on the marsh. Especially in late winter, the predominant colours are those of faded straw shades and the traditional coat stuck out like a sore thumb.

By the time I wrote "Fowler in the Wild" I was able to report that some modern breathable fabrics like Goretex or Ventile had led to great improvements in wildfowling clothing but we were still left with the problem that almost all garments were far to dark in colour.

Nowadays the situation has improved dramatically. New camouflage patterns have been developed specifically for wildfowling (or waterfowling as our American cousins call it) and a range of excellent jackets, trousers, hats, etc. are available. Over in the USA you can even get armchair and settee covers in those patterns for your living room! And, I suppose, the daftest idea I saw in an American sporting superstore was a camouflaged wallet. Just imagine dropping that in the reeds!

My own favourite pattern is Mossy Oak "Shadow Grass" which is just about as faded as you would want. It blends in even better when it gets some real estuary mud on it. I have been using an outfit in this pattern for the past four years and am delighted with it.

Also available is the Realtree equivalent which carries the name "Wetlands". This one seems just a trifle too bold to my eye but, again, it should improve with weathering and exposure to the saltmarsh.

Now, at last, there are clothing ranges available, from a variety of manufacturers, which really do suit wildfowling and the good news is that they are increasingly becoming available in the UK.

Mossy Oak Shadow Grass
Mossy Oak "Shadow Grass"

Realtree Wetlands
Realtree "Wetlands"

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